"Variations" EP emerged out of a big chaos. Written practically over the course of one week; recorded quickly in a raw, unpolished and stripped-down manner; and then set aside for almost a year. And then there was silence and a step back. Almost a complete withdrawal from music only to return more confident then ever. Five stories touching on subjects that affect a conflicted mind the most - fear, doubt, paranoia, madness, love, failure. Five Variations on one artist. The first two singles "To The Muses" and "Irene" are a poetic response to the madness of our reality and life's and people's passing - the two things that made Joanna Lero stop only to open a new chapter. 

"Variations is an in-between. It just had to come out and be confessed with the world. It's a stream of consciousness. One verse hardly ever refers to just one feeling or memory.  This EP is a presence between what I did in the past and what I know is surely coming. It's a seed of change of me as a musician and I am already looking at it from a stranger's perspective." 


London- based singer/songwriter and guitarist Joanna Lero works with raw, soaring guitars and her distinctive, husky voice that has often been described as an unusual mix of Lana del Rey, Nico and PJ Harvey to create songs that aim at your soul. 

Inspired by both, punk and sung poetry as a youth in her native Poland, her songs are constructed around enigmatic lyrics that contribute to the unusual structures of her songs. Despite her love for complex structures, Lero doesn't shy away from three-chord minimalism that only ads to the passionate and diverse mix. 

Having self-recorded and self-released two LPs after her first songs met with great success on YouTube, Lero moved to London and soon followed up with her latest EP "Frontiers". Joining forces with another powerful performer - drummer Mila Miliscent, they performed as a duo in numerous venues around London. 

Now is the time for "Variations."