"Irene" - second single released

"Irene" is the second single from my upcoming EP "Variations" and it's release today (8th March) coincides uncoincidentally with International Women's Day. 

"Irene" is a a stream of consciousness. It starts with a personal statement that I said to myself on many occasions regarding my late Grandmother but it soon becomes a general statement, a declaration as I watch women (and men) marching for their rights all over the world, as I see more and more divisions and boundaries around me. Only to transition again into a chaotic mosaic of pains and fear and disillusionment and anger. No verse means just one thing, it's hard to say which lines are about me dealing with loss and which are about what I see around me... 

Irene was always putting everyone else before herself. She was the most caring person I have ever met. She was strong in her fragility. She treated her daily responsibilities towards her family with utmost care and importance. She was a woman that survived the WWII and she was not left with many choices regarding her own life. I will never know if who she was was everything she ever wanted to be but I am sure she made the best of the life that was given to her. 

Asking for a choice to be who you were born to be triggers a lot of fear in those who want to control others. "Irene won't be here tonight". She is somewhere out there living her life to the fullest.

You can download the song for free or stream it on your favorite platform: http://fanlink.to/irene


Archival footage used in the video supplied by Internet Archive (at archive.org) in association with Prelinger Archives. Clips used in the video come from "County Fair Bread Commercial" and "Preventing the Spread of Disease". 

Irene won't be here tonight 
mother to daughter 
now it's daughter's time to see the same fight 
oh now hush 
be a big girl and wipe the tears off your eyes 

I'm so sorry 
we didn't learn 

Irene won't be here tonight 
she didn't want to see 
how deafness separates 
in the name she loved so much 
I don't want to make you weak boy 
don't you know you can be strong 
without fists 
without laws 
without amens spit in my face 
just because you're so damn scared 
just because somebody said you can 
and they topped your anger with their hate and 
fear is hatred's cheating lover 
that will bind you, bind you from living 
till death do you part 
girl when you walk, when you walking away 

so sorry 
we didn't learn 

Irene won't be here tonight 
she left in peace 
it left with her

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