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"Irene" - second single released  

"Irene" is the second single from my upcoming EP "Variations" and it's release today (8th March) coincides uncoincidentally with International Women's Day. 

"Irene" is a a stream of consciousness. It starts with a personal statement that I said to myself on many occasions regarding my late Grandmother but it soon becomes a general statement, a declaration as I watch women (and men) marching for their rights all over the world, as I see more and more divisions and boundaries around me. Only to transition…

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"To The Muses" - First Single has arrived! (link inside) 

I can't believe I am finally sharing this song with you. New single. New EP (coming out on 22nd March 2018). It is not a coincidence that the first single touches on madness. Madness caused by that all-consuming passion for something (or someone). But the passion for that something very often becomes and obstacle for action to actually do something different in your life to let it out, to get it, to see it, to experience it.

You probably know this quote by Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over…

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