Joanna Lero, a visionary artist with a captivating and exotic voice, embarks on a transformative journey, moulding new sonic worlds through her audacious arrangements. Hailing from Poland, this singer, songwriter, and producer honed her craft in the vibrant artistic hub of London, where she resided for nearly a decade, captivating audiences both as a solo performer and with her band. 

With a vocal style that evokes the mesmerizing essence of Lana Del Rey, the raw energy of Patti Smith, and the unconventional spirit of PJ Harvey, Joanna Lero's artistic evolution has been deeply inspired by the latter. While embracing growth and sonic exploration, she remains steadfast in her unwavering vision of what music should truly embody

Her latest self-produced album RUPTURE serves as a gateway to an entirely new era of her artistry. This album is a symphony of textures, meticulously crafted layers of sound, and an ensemble of voices, carrying a profound message of rebirth, personal evolution, and the struggle to retain our humanity in an increasingly algorithmic world. 

Joanna Lero emerges as an artist on a quest to probe the future of humanity in the age of artificial intelligence and explore the profound impact of technology on our lives. Through her creative writing, captivating visuals, evocative melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, she aims to ignite introspection and rekindle a sense of self-connection within individuals. 

Venturing into the realm of TV & film, Joanna Lero has embraced yet another facet of her artistic expression as a composer. Her talents now extend to crafting immersive soundscapes that heighten the emotional impact of visual narratives, further expanding her creative horizons. 


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